About Shaghayegh Saeedi


Shaghayegh Saeedi was born in 1977 in Tehran and currently lives in the Netherlands.

She started her journey in painting under the guidance of Asanlou and has participated in various courses in the fields of painting and photography. She is a multimedia artist who does not confine herself to a single medium but rather utilizes different mediums such as painting, printing, and photography to depict her unknown world.

She showcases the essence of painting and the moment by combining painterly spaces in her photographs or frozen paintings. Her academic background is in chemical engineering, and she has explored various fields in order to merge her artistic quest with the enigmatic world through diverse materials.

"Painting provided a safe and peaceful haven for me since childhood, to escape from whatever was frightening. Depicting the world has always been a source of joy for me, a joy that has remained from my childhood. It's like a window through which I plunge my head to see the world the way I desire. Amidst this back and forth between different worlds, I became acquainted with the camera, which, like a brush and color, provides me with the ability to create other worlds. The bewilderment of the mysterious world, the sense of discovering its unknowns, and the constant journey between dreams and reality are the achievements of the artistic talents of painting and photography that accompany me always."

Shaghayegh Saeedi

Time line

Born in Tehran
BA chemistry / Damghan university / Iran
Oilpainting and Acrylic painting course / Iran
Alaprima course / Iran
Clay Sculpture course / iran
Group Exhibition / Avaye Honar gallery
Group Exhibition/ Avaye Honar gallery